Getting Started – Part One

Weddings can be overwhelming to plan and coordinate. As soon as you have a date selected you need to find a venue and book it. A venue can set the tone for your wedding so take time to research and visit several. Make sure to ask questions. Over the years we’ve come up with an extensive list of questions to pick from to ask a venue when you visit.

Things to ask when you visit a venue:

  • Ask how many people can be accommodated there.
  • Does the venue allow you to serve alcohol? Do they require a bartender? Do they have a corkage fee?
  • Do you have to purchase alcohol from them?
  • Can you bring in your own food or do you have to have it catered?
  • Is there a kitchen available?
  • Is the buffet table included?
  • Is serve ware included (bowls, platters, punch bowls, serving utensils)?
  • Do they have drink server ware? (dispensers, punch bowls, drink tubs)?
  • Is the venue involved in the planning of the wedding & reception – and to what extent are they involved.
  • Who will be supervising and troubleshooting on the day of your wedding?
  • Is there staff from the venue at the wedding and reception?  How many staff at event
  • Is the venue easy for guests to locate?
  • How many parking spaces are available and where do guests park? How close is parking to the ceremony and reception?
  • How long will it take guests to get there from motel or freeway?
  • Is the wedding venue wheelchair accessible?
  • When is the venue accessible for decorating and dropping off things?
  • Who does the setting up and cleaning up?  When?
  • Does the wedding venue have a separate area for the ceremony and reception?
  • What is included?  What is extra?  What needs to be rented? Are any decorations included?
  • If it is an outdoor location, is there a backup plan in the event of rain?
  • Does the venue have a sound system or will a DJ need to be hired for the ceremony and reception?
  • Do they provide linens, tables, chairs, punch bowls, tubs for drinks, or decorations?
  • Is there a quieter area for guests to get away from the loud music for dancing?
  • What is the ending time for events and the starting time?

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